• Twonkey's Stinking Bishop - Fringe Square Twonkey’s Stinking Bishop
    August 6, 2015 9:00 pm


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Hands-down, Sweet Venues is simply the best place to mount a show at the Fringe. I’ve performed and produced shows at every one of the so-called ‘big-four’ Fringe venues and not one of them can match Sweet Venues for its professionalism, technical expertise, creative drive, fairness, integrity and respect for the artist and their work. The good folks that run it, have succeeded, year after year, in putting together a talented, friendly, enthusiastic, extremely capable team that consistently manages to make everything run smoothly, leaving you free to concentrate on what matters - putting on a great show. On top of all that, the Sweet Venues, housed in a luxury 4-star hotel, offers what are, unquestionably, the most comfortable venues at the Fringe – clean, spacious, air-conditioned spaces with comfortable seating, in a superb location right in the heart of the Grassmarket. Where am I playing this August? The Sweet Venues! And next August, and the August after that…
Dean Friedman , USA