Sweet@The Poets

Sweet@The Poets is an intimate space located in the welcoming and colourful The Poets Ale And Smoke House, Hove.

Go to https://sweetvenues.com/venues/sweet-the-poets

Sweet@The Welly

Sweet@The Welly is an intimate space only five minutes away from Brighton Station on Upper Gloucester Road.

Go to https://sweetvenues.com/venues/sweet-the-welly

Sweet@Dock Street Studios

Sweet Venues setup and run pop up theatres in a variety of spaces in Dundee including studios and office buildings.

Go to https://sweetvenues.com/venues/sweet-dock-street-studios

Sweet Venues operates Sweet@The Yellow Book in Brighton, is the organiser of Dundee Fringe, and runs Sweet@The Keiller Centre in Dundee!

These are highly flexible spaces suitable for a multitude of performance requirements and we would always encourage performers to get in touch to discuss their shows.